Everline sun protection hair filler 100 ml

Everline sun protection hair filler 100 ml


HIGH EFFICIENCY for sun-exposed hair

RECOMMENDED TO PROTECT your hair exposed to sun, salt and chlorine

DESCRIPTION solar protective filler. Gently wraps your hair creating an invisible and transparent screen that protects them from dehydration and sun, salt, chlorine attacks. It does not hurt. The hair is soft and fragrant


Marula oil: defined as "miracle oil", for centuries African women have revered the many benefits. Rich in antioxidants, it contains about 50% more than the known Argan oil. It guarantees hydration and deep regeneration of capillary fibers

Keratin: It is the main element of hair and regulates its structure. Provides instantaneous and refreshing action

Hyaluronic acid: a fundamental component of the human body. It guarantees hydration, elasticity and strength. Effective anti-aging action

Aloe vera: Especially effective for the well-being and care of hair and scalp. It acts as a cleansing and repairing action, fortifies the scalp, fights the frizz. It protects the hair by making them healthy, elastic, bright and full bodied