Oil control shampoo 250 ml

Oil control shampoo 250 ml


EFFECT Sebo-normalizing and astringent.

RECOMMENDED to counteract excessive sebum production.

DESCRIPTION cleanses deeply by eliminating sebum excess without dehydrating cute and follicles. Sebum regulating and normalizing action. After the cleansing treatment the hair is light and hydrated.


Essential lavender oil: known for its soothing, soothing and soothing properties, useful to give relief to irritable scalp or skin discomfort.

Tea tree oil: Essential oil from disinfectant and sebum-regulating properties excellent in case of dermatitis and scalp problems.

Aloe: It has a nutrient and antioxidant effect, makes your hair healthy, elastic, bright and mellow. It acts as a cleansing and repairing action, fortifies the scalp preventing hair loss.

Provitamin B5: Restores to 100% the correct degree of moisture in the hair, provides hydration and nourishment. The hair is soft, elastic and robust.

Henne's neutral extract: strengthens and volumes hair, has excellent astringent and sebum-regulating properties.

APPLICATION Apply on damp hair, gently massage the lengths and tips, let it act for a few moments and rinse carefully.