Oil control rebalancing lotion 6 x 7 ml

Oil control rebalancing lotion 6 x 7 ml


EFFECT Sebo-normalizing and astringent

RECOMMENDED to counteract excessive sebum production

DESCRIPTION rebalancing sebum lotion based on seaweed extracts from the purifying function. The active ingredients contained in the skin normalize the sebum, with subsequent fluidization of the sebaceous accumulations.


Vitamin B6: Strengthens the hair bulb

Green clay: rich in minerals has many beneficial effects, good on skin, skin, and the whole body. Among its properties there is an abundant absorbing power, in addition to cicatrizating and filtration impurities

Birch: Its astringent properties toning the scalp and guaranteeing a good sebum regulating action

Rosemary essential oil: excellent anti-irritant, recommended to treat scalp, dandruff, dry hair. It cleanses the skin and cleanses the skin deeply, relieving fatigue and dandruff problems

Cumin: herbaceous plant originally from Syria. It has beneficial properties already appreciated in ancient Rome. Oil is perfect for massages and implants, stimulates blood circulation and acts as a disinfectant

APPLICATION After the specific beCare Oil Control shampoo, apply the wet hair vial. Gently massage the scalp, do not rinse. Proceed to drying