Oil control clay mask 250 ml

Oil control clay mask 250 ml


EFFECT Sebo-normalizing and astringent.

RECOMMENDED to counteract excessive sebum production

DESCRIPTION specific mask for skin and fat hair. It performs a purifying, normalizing action and sebum rebalancing. Natural extracts in the formula allow for deep cleansing and protection of the scalp, absorb sebum excess and keep the hair clean and bright for longer.


Green clay: rich in minerals has many beneficial effects, good on skin, skin, and the whole body. Among its properties there is a very high absorbing power, in addition to healing and filtration impurities.

Birch: Its astringent properties tone the scalp and guarantee a good sebum regulating action.

Rosemary essential oil: excellent anti-irritant, recommended to treat scalp, dandruff, dry hair. It cleanses the skin and cleanses the skin deeply, relieving fatigue and dandruff problems.

Cumin: herbaceous plant originally from Syria. It has beneficial properties appreciated already in ancient Rome. The oil is perfect for massages and wraps, stimulates blood circulation and acts as a disinfectant.

APPLY apply the mask on wet hair. Gently massage for a few minutes at most. Cover with a cold turban and leave it in position 10 minutes. Rinse thoroughly and proceed with the Oil Control shampoo.