Biactive bi-phase spray 250 ml

Biactive bi-phase spray 250 ml



Restructuring and protective effect

RECOMMENDED for hair damaged, weak, volume

DESCRIPTION conditioner for dehydrated and sensitized hair. The instantaneous action of this bi-phasic treatment hydrates, protects and restores the hair, giving it softness and brilliance. Great deterrent effect


Keratin: It is the main element of hair and regulates its structure. Provides instantaneous and refreshing action

Wheat Proteins: They function as a filler and protect your hair, restructuring them deeply

Provitamin B5: Restores to 100% the correct degree of moisture in the hair, provides hydration and nourishment. The hair is soft, elastic and robust

Shea butter: it gives vitality to dry and dripping hair, it makes soft, silky and shiny even the most undisciplined and stressed hairs

Jojoba oil: oil rich in vitamins and minerals. Give it bodyiness and brilliance with hairless and fragile hair. It strengthens the capillary structure and prevents the formation of double tips

APPLICATION Shake the vial before use to allow the mixture to be mixed. Spray on washed and padded hair. Do not rinse and dry