Noir extra strong hair wax 100 ml

Noir extra strong hair wax 100 ml


Perfect styling EFFECT

RECOMMENDED for defining, modeling, and sculpting

DESCRIPTION wax styling styling for creative and trendy looks. Extra strong seal. Definately glossy definition


Ginger: It has natural antiseptic properties that make it the ideal solution to fight dandruff problems. It also performs a revitalizing action on microcirculation

Keratin: It is the main element of hair and regulates its structure. Provides instantaneous and refreshing action

Guarana: evergreen tree native to Amazon rainforest. Its fruits produce an excerpt from the stimulating effect of microcirculation, great to make hair stronger and to counteract its fall

Provitamin B5: thanks to its ability to be water-soluble penetrates into the hair giving hydration and nourishment. The hair is soft and silky at the same time, elastic and strong

Indian Kino Tree: Slows the aging of the scalp, protects and strengthens the hair bulb, carries a seborrheading action

APPLICATION apply on wet or dry hair to create the desired sting