Noir evermore strength lotion 50 ml

Noir evermore strength lotion 50 ml


EFFECT stimulates and revitalizes the skin microcirculation

RECOMMENDED for the wellbeing of scalp and hair

DESCRIPTION A mix of revitalizing and balancing elements stimulate blood circulation, re-activate the metabolism of the tissues, refresh the hair at the root, optimize the life cycle


Ginger: It has natural antiseptic properties that make it the ideal solution to fight dandruff problems. It also performs a revitalizing action on microcirculation

Keratin: It is the main element of hair and regulates its structure. Provides instantaneous and refreshing action

Guarana: evergreen tree native to Amazon rainforest. Its fruits produce an excerpt from the stimulating effect of microcirculation, great to make hair stronger and to counteract its fall

Provitamin B5: thanks to its ability to be water-soluble penetrates into the hair giving hydration and nourishment. The hair is soft and silky at the same time, elastic and strong

Indian Kino Tree: Slows the aging of the scalp, protects and strengthens the hair bulb, carries a seborrheading action

APPLICATION Apply a small amount of product after wet hair shampoo. Massage gently with circular movements on the scalp. Do not rinse. Proceed to the desired styling