Moisturizing lotion 50 ml

Moisturizing lotion 50 ml


EFFECT nourishes the skin deep without weighing the hair.

RECOMMENDED for crunchy and dehydrated skin.

DESCRIPTION Concentrated lotion ideal for desquamated and dehydrated skin. It contains a mix of active ingredients from moisturizing and purifying properties that can maintain the proper hydration of the scalp.


Birch Extract: Its astringent properties tone the scalp and guarantee excellent sebum regulating action.

Nutshell extract: used since antiquity for healing purposes, cleanses skin, is antioxidant and helps against dandruff. In addition, the nettle helps hair growth, allowing the hairs to be more vigorous and shiny.

Mixture of moisturizing agents: based on sugars, urea and grain proteins, it gives hydration and nourishment in depth.

Provitamin B5: Restores to 100% the correct degree of moisture in the hair, provides hydration and nourishment. The hair is soft, elastic and robust.

APPLICATION After washing and bloating your hair, distribute the vial on the skin by exercising a gentle massage. Do not rinse.