Top restoring hair mask 250 ml

Top restoring hair mask 250 ml



EFFECT intended for hydration and strength.

RECOMMENDED as a Restoring Treatment Maintenance Lady Keratin.

DESCRIPTION nourishes, hydrates, refines and improves elasticity and shine of hair. It enhances and extends the benefits of treatment in the salon.


Active Keratin: a natural and fundamental component of the hair, it performs an intense moisturizing, strengthening and rejuvenating action. Thanks to its molecular structure, it penetrates easily into the hair by welding to the capillary fibers, with a profound and immediate benefit.

Functional Complex: Innovative Functional Last Generation molecule. It binds with keratin for a deep hair rejuvenation. It also provides a defense against external aggression and heat created by styling tools. It gives smoothness and improves the smoothness of the hair, it protects against the significant loss of strength and vigor of the hair.

Orchid Extract: It performs a rejuvenating and protective action, in particular by weathering and excessive heat due to the use of phon and plates. The hair is silky, soft and bright.

APPLICATION with washed and padded hair, distribute a product nut on the lengths and tips. Let it take a few minutes and rinse.