Top final hair filler 100 ml

Top final hair filler 100 ml



EFFECT reinforces, restructures, nourishes.

RECOMMENDED as Lady Keratin Treatment Maintenance.

DESCRIPTION intensive and instantaneous capillary filler for lengths and tips. Seal the cuticle while maintaining the benefits of the active ingredients applied. Increases the softness, the discipline and the brightness of the hair.


Active Keratin: It has an intense moisturizing, strengthening and rejuvenating action. It penetrates easily into the hair by welding to the capillary fibers, with a profound and immediate benefit.

Green Tea Extract: It has a vigorous strengthening and refining activity for your hair. It acts as a protective against external aggression and pollution, giving new hair vitality and luminosity.

Orchid Extract: It performs a rejuvenating and protective action, in particular by weathering and excessive heat due to the use of phon and plates. The hair is silky, soft and bright.

Silk Proteins: They are able to create a thin and invisible film on hair with a moisturizing and protective effect. Specifically, the sericine, the main protein, has a strong nutritional action and gives the hair soft, silky touch and brightness.

APPLICATION use on wet and padded hair. Helping with a comb, distribute the product evenly. Do not rinse. Proceed to the desired styling.