The low tail is the coolest hairstyle of the year, essential and available in many versions, from the most casual to the most chic!

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A time-saving hairstyle, but with a guaranteed result! Romantic and elegant, it impresses with its simplicity and gives an orderly and fascinating look to all types of hair, because it enhances the lengths and makes the look essential and sophisticated. If you have a smooth hair, just comb the hair well before picking it up, while if your hair is very wavy, we advise you to leave a few strands free to outline the face to create harmony and an irresistible messy effect.

For a casual look, you can freely play with accessories: from the elastic 90 scrunchies for a sporty-chic style to the decorated and colored scarves or the bows for a bon ton look!

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Here are some tips from our hair stylists: for a natural effect you can use the Wet Effect Mousse or a gel, starting from the hairline, brush them well, do not put product on the lengths except a protective spray for the sun or a polishing oil.


We reveal a secret, for a perfect sleak effect use a toothbrush to flatten all baby hair and have a tidier look!